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Vorspiel, abecedarium, abecedary, access, acknowledgments, acquaintance, acquaintedness, act, admission, afterpiece, and arithmetic, aside, avant-propos, back, back matter, bastard title, bibliography, bit, breakthrough, catch line, catchword, chaser, close acquaintance, cloture, coinage, colophon, coming out, committee consideration, concert overture, contents, contents page, copyright page, curtain, curtain call, curtain raiser, debate, debut, dedication, deliberation, descant, discovery, divertimento, divertissement, division, dramatic overture, elementary education, elements, embarkation, embarkment, embedment, endleaf, endpaper, endsheet, entrance, entree, entry, epilogue, episode, errata, exode, exodus, exordium, expository scene, filibuster, filibustering, filing, finale, first appearance, first reading, first steps, floating, flotation, flyleaf, folio, fore edge, foreword, front matter, frontispiece, graft, grafting, half-title page, head, hoke act, hornbook, impaction, impactment, implantation, import, importation, importing, imprint, inaugural address, inauguration, income, incoming, index, induction, infiltration, infix, infixion, infusion, ingoing, ingress, ingression, initiation, injection, innovation, inoculation, input, inscription, insert, insertion, insinuation, installation, installment, intake, intercalation, interjection, interlineation, interlocution, interlude, intermezzo, intermission, interpenetration, interpolation, introgression, intromission, intrusion, invention, knockdown, launching, leaf, leakage, leap, logrolling, maiden speech, makeup, neologism, new phase, novelty, number, obiter dictum, opener, operatic overture, overture, page, parenthesis, penetration, percolation, perfusion, postulate, preamble, preface, prefix, prefixture, preliminaries, preliminary, prelude, premise, presentation, presupposition, primer, proem, prolegomena, prolegomenon, prolepsis, prologue, propaedeutic, protasis, reading, reception, recto, remark, reverso, roll call, routine, rudiments, running title, scene, second reading, seepage, shtick, side remark, signature, sketch, skit, song and dance, stand-up comedy act, steamroller methods, striptease, subtitle, table of contents, tabling, tail, talkathon, tessellation, text, third reading, title, title page, tossing-in, trim size, turn, type page, unveiling, vamp, verse, verso, voluntary, vote, writing

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.


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  • introduction — [ ɛ̃trɔdyksjɔ̃ ] n. f. • XIIIe « enseignement »; lat. introductio I ♦ 1 ♦ (XVIe) Action d introduire, de faire entrer (qqn). L introduction d un visiteur dans un salon d attente. L introduction de qqn dans un groupe, un parti. ⇒ admission, entrée …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • Introduction — (abbreviated intro) can refer to: *Introduction (music), an opening section of a piece of music. *Introduction (essay), beginning section which states the purpose and goals of the following writing. *Foreword, beginning secton of a book, commonly …   Wikipedia

  • introduction — introduction, prologue, prelude, preface, foreword, exordium, preamble are comparable when denoting something that serves as a preliminary or as an antecedent to an extended treatment, development, discussion, or presentation (as in an exposition …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • introduction — Introduction. s. f. v. Action par laquelle on introduit. Il ne se dit guere des personnes qu en cette phrase. L Introduction des Ambassadeurs, Ny des choses au propre qu en cette phrase. Introduction de la sonde. On reconnut par l introduction de …   Dictionnaire de l'Académie française

  • introduction — Introduction, f. acu. Est composé de deux mots Latins, Intro et ductio (le dernier usité en composition) et signifie proprement, acconduicte au dedans de quelque lieu, Introductio, Cic. ad Attic. Il se prend aussi pour Institution et… …   Thresor de la langue françoyse

  • introduction — [in΄trəduk′shən] n. [ME introduccion < MFr introduction < L introductio] 1. an introducing or being introduced 2. anything introduced, or brought into use, knowledge, or fashion 3. anything that introduces, or prepares the way for; specif …   English World dictionary

  • Introduction — In tro*duc tion, n. [L. introductio: cf. F. introduction. See {Introduce}.] [1913 Webster] 1. The act of introducing, or bringing to notice. [1913 Webster] 2. The act of formally making persons known to each other; a presentation or making known… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Introduction — «Introduction» Canción de Panic! at the Disco álbum A Fever You Can t Sweat Out Publicación 0:37 Género …   Wikipedia Español

  • introduction — I noun act of bringing in, admittance, formal presentation, inductio, induction, interposition, introductio, invectio, offering, offering as an exhibit, placing, presentation associated concepts: introduction of evidence II index …   Law dictionary

  • introduction — INTRODUCTION: Mot obscène …   Dictionnaire des idées reçues

  • introduction — фр. [энтродюксьо/н], англ. [интрэда/кшн] Introduktion нем. [интродукцио/н] introduzione ит. [интродуцио/нэ] вступление, интродукция …   Словарь иностранных музыкальных терминов

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